System Requirements: Win/Mac/Linux + Java ver. 1.6.0 +

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Fuji Goban for PC is a free SGF(Smart Game Format) editor for the board game Go(囲碁)/Baduk(바둑)/Weiqi(围棋,圍棋).


open/save/copy/paste SGF yes
copy to / paste from clipboard. yes
edit variations yes
edit markups yes
edit move/node annotations yes
edit game informations yes
various coordinates yes
show variation marks on board yes
customize variation style (sibling/child) yes
count territory yes
evaluate situation no
resize board yes
rotate board no
auto replay yes
customize auto replay speed yes
customize background color yes
customize board images partially
print partially
output image yes
output ascii text yes
open URL yes
upload game record yes
set charset yes
play with computer yes *1
play with human no
ugi file format partially *2
ngf file format partially *2
gib file format partially *2
*1 You need to install GNU Go.
*2 read only. variation is not supported.

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